Batman v Superman Promo Art All Over


Batman v Superman Promo Art All Over

We all knew this day was coming. With the March BvS premiere coming up in a mere 4 months, it was only a matter of time before DC and WB started rolling out all the merchandise for the big blockbuster. That, of course, also means new promo art.

Arguably this art will define the look for the film even more than the film itself because it’s going to be on all the toys, Big Gulp cups, posters, coloring books, bed sheets, lunch boxes and everything else with a flat surface until Civil War comes out.

The first waves of these have now started rolling out and now we have our first looks. These come in the form of Hot Wheels cars…for some reason.

I’m admittedly a little baffled as to the logic underlying these toys. I always have been. Even when I had my Superman Hot Wheels from the 80’s…you know, that one with the fists that popped out. The Supermobile.

The Supermobile

Yeah, why would Superman or Wonder Woman need a race car or a van? They fly, Superman runs at super speed…I never quite got that on a conceptual level. And the only character of the trinity to actually utilize a ground vehicle – Batman – has a bunch of cars he wouldn’t use.

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I doubt seriously that Batman would have a van with his name all over it and gold hubcaps. Doesn’t really scream ‘clandestine vigilante’, does it? Unless it’s a trap to lure Jason Todd…

Jason Todd Steals the Batmobile’s Hubcaps

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Now, granted, Wonder Woman has a Jet, but it’s invisible. That negates a lot of opportunity for product placement. They didn’t even try to include a version of that here. I don’t know of that means they won’t tackle that idea in this film, or in her solo movie, but they have to talk about it sometime.