Gotham: Synopsis Of Episode 10-Son Of Gotham


Next week’s episode of Gotham is episode number 9, “A Bitter Pill To Swallow”m but if you want a brief glimpse into the near future of Gotham, we have the synopsis of episode 10, “Son of Gotham” for you!

Here is the synopsis of “Son Of Gotham” (and it’s fairly spoiler-free):

"Detective James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) confronts a suspect who is connected to Theo Galavan (James Frain), but falls short of obtaining any information. Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) gets one step closer to discovering the name of his parent’s killer.Guest Cast: Richard Kind as Aubrey James, Ellen Harvey as Judge, Natalie Alyn Lind as Silver St. Cloud, Ron Rifkin as Father Creel, Tommy Flanagan as The Knife"

So I don’t normally list the guest cast when I do articles about an episode’s synopsis, but there’s a couple interesting notes here. The first being the appearance of Sons of Anarchy actor Tommy Flanagan as an original villain called “The Knife”. Because you know, Gotham isn’t packed with enough villains this season already, they needed some original ones.

Anyways, he would most likely be the suspect connected to Galavan. But why does Gordon need information on Galavan? Even in a city as corrupt as Gotham, he couldn’t have possibly gotten out of getting prison time for at least kidnapping the former mayor. But it’s totally possible that by the end of episode nine, Galavan has broken out of prison somehow (probably with help from the Order of St. Dumas) and Gordon is trying to find him before he kills Bruce Wayne.

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Speaking of Bruce Wayne, the synopsis also notes that he’s getting closer to discovering his father’s killer. So clearly Galvan didn’t give up the name to Bruce, but maybe he sent him on the right path by giving him a crucial clue? I could see that happening if it somehow played into Galavan’s plan to ultimately kill Bruce.

Also of note is Richard Kind is merely listed as “Aubrey James” instead of Mayor James. Obviously Theo Galavan is not still mayor, and it doesn’t look like James has been reinstated as mayor, so who the heck is running Gotham right now? I’m not sure the city can handle another murder and arsonist-filled mayoral race at this point.

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One thing’s for sure, “Son of Gotham” is the second to last episode before Gotham’s lengthy winter break, so it will be almost certainly setting many things in motion before the mid-season finale. I’m really excited to see where it goes before the winter hiatus.