Gotham’s Winter Break And Return Date


I think even the biggest fans of Gotham would admit that the first season of Gotham had plenty of issues. One of those issues, as identified by James Gordon himself, Ben McKenzie, is that the show would often take significant breaks beyond the usual winter hiatus with seemingly little rhyme or reason.

Producers of the show promised to remedy that issue, and this year, while Gotham might have the occasional week off, it will only have one significant break, though it may be a lot longer than most would hope for.

The second season of Gotham is basically broke up into two halves. 11 episodes are airing before it takes a lengthy winter break and the remaining 11 will air next year. So if you haven’t been paying attention to your episode count, episode 8, “Tonight’s The Night” just aired this past Monday. This means we’ve only got three episodes left before the long winter of no new Gotham for awhile.

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So after episode 11 airs (not date is given, but presumably November 30th since episode 10 is scheduled to air November 23rd), Gotham will be taking three months off, coming back February 29th of next year. That is admittedly a very long wait for Gothamites.

This will have Gotham returning alongside the debut of another show based on a DC comic book. Lucifer. While this will give Fox a double dose of DC-based shows, I don’t think we’ll be seeing any crossovers ala Flash & Arrow (although stranger things have happened, i.e. the Bones/Sleepy Hollow crossover)

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Fox also announced that the subtitle Gotham has been running with in season two, “Rise Of The Villains” will be an ongoing thing and will not wrap up with the mid-season finale. That makes plenty of sense as several big villains that have been announced (i.e. Mad Hatter & Clayface) have yet to appear. It will certainly be a lengthy wait, but let’s hope Gotham’s mid-season finale will leave us very excited for the show’s return!