Important Facts About Comic-Con Badge Sales


Important Facts About Comic-Con Badge Sales

There may be about 150,000 attendees at SDCC every year, but there are about 70 billion fans who don’t get to go.

The process of buying badges is tiresome, frustrating, and for most, heartbreaking. So what can you do to make it all as smooth as possible? Let’s focus first on what is happening this weekend.

Saturday, November 14th 2016 attendee pre-registration will be open to those who had a badge last year at the con. This is not the sale geared toward the public. So if you weren’t there (or at least didn’t have  badge) in 2015, don’t panic about your alarm going off. Your sale will be later, likely in February.

For those who are eligible, they’ve split up the verification process even farther than before by having 2 distinct opening times to log into.  The first will be at 8 AM PST and will serve only as a waiting room to verify your authorization code. You should have received this code in email from SDCC if you are indeed eligible.

Once you’ve been verified you can then enter the actual pre-registration waiting room at 9 AM PST. This is where a lot of things get tricky for people. Because of how things were done in the past a lot of hopefuls scramble to get in right when it opens. That is no longer necessary. The waiting room is randomized and lasts for 2 hours. You don’t have to rush. As long as you get in before, say, the last 45 minutes, you should be fine (time wise).

Because you are potentially competing with 150,000 other people there will certainly be some that leave disappointed. Only a small percentage of the overall tickets will be sold in this sale. The good news is that you can buy for up to 3 people as long as you have their last names and member IDs. So, coordinate with your friends and stay in contact because the first one in has the best chance.

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The rest is standard for all ticket sales at SDCC, but they are important to know.

  • Don’t have multiple browsers open. They’ll know and they’ll kick you back to the end of the line, or it’ll cause your sale to falter.
  • No matter what, don’t refresh your page. I know it’ll be tempting, but all it will do will send you to the end every time you do it.
  • Don’t be that jerk who has 15 computers all trying to log in. It’s rude, unfair and just misleads the system into thinking there are fewer spots available than really are.
  • Make sure your browser will actually be able to handle the waiting room interface. Make sure to have Java Script and cookies enabled.

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OK, got all that? This should help you get started. It’s hard, make no mistake. But this should help get you get on the best possible track for success.