Holy DC Christmas Sweaters Batman!


It’s that time of year again folks! The time for what else, Christmas sweaters! I think we can safely say there is a very limited acceptable time to be wearing Christmas Sweaters and we are right at the start of it now. But hey, why get a sweater that merely celebrates the holiday? Why not add a bit of DC comics flair to it with Christmas Sweaters featuring your favorite superheroes?

That’s right, Merchoid has a whole line of new DC-themed sweaters just in time for the holiday. Of course there are a couple of Batman designs, but they also have Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Superman & Harley Quinn sweaters all designed to keep you nice and warm this holiday season while showing off your fandom for your favorite DC characters! The sweaters are all about $45 and are available to ship for free worldwide!

I do have a couple of minor issues with these Christmas Sweaters however. One being that it’s lacking certain characters. While you have Harley Quinn who certainly is popular, there’s no Joker sweater. Granted he’s a full on villain and you could argue that at this point Harley Quinn could at least be considered an anti-hero like Lobo or The Punisher, but I think he’s the one iconic DC villain who still deserves his own Christmas sweater.

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The other more minor complaint about selection is that while there are multiple Batman and Superman designs, and while there are more female-centric selections such as Wonder Woman & Harley Quinn, Batgirl doesn’t have a design either. Like I said, it’s not a huge issue because it’s not like there aren’t choices for anybody who wants to support a female comic book character, but Batgirl is very popular and it’s shame she’s not even an option.

The other isn’t even necessarily a complaint, but just something weird I noticed. Look at the design for this particular Batman Christmas Sweater below:

Several of the sweaters have this basic design showing the emblem of a particular superhero. However, Batman’s is the only one where you see both the emblem and the superhero it represents. It just strikes me as odd.It’s as if Batman were a real person and was so egocentric he had to not only have multiple sweater designs, but appear twice on one. Again, just seems weird.

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Regardless, I’m sure any DC fan would love to get most of these because they certainly don’t fit the usual mold of those cheesy ugly Christmas sweaters you usually see. Again supply is limited so you may want to jump on that soon.