New Carmine Infantino Batman Statues Revealed


DC Collectibles continues to roll out some gorgeous new statues for fans.  Some of the latest series of statues are Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, DC Comics Bombshells, those based on current DCTV shows, and Batman: Black and White.  Now MTV News has revealed that DC Collectibles is giving fans yet another set in the Batman: Black and White series, these based on the art of Carmine Infantino.

Infantino, who passed away two years ago, was one of the most renowned comic book artists of the Silver Age.  He spent three years penciling Detective Comics from 1964-1967.  Infantino is best known for co-creating Barbara Gordon and for drawing one of the most famous Flash stories ever, “Flash of Two Worlds”.

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Statues based on Infantino’s Batman and Infantino’s Robin will be available for purchase starting in June 2016 with a suggested retail price of $80.  They are sculpted of resin by Tim Bruckner, and there will be a limited number of 5,200 of them.  The statues feature Batman and Robin in action poses on pretty cool Bat-symbol bases.  As Barbara Gordon is the third most prominent member of the Bat-family and Infantino is credited as a co-creator of her character, I find it really odd that there isn’t a Batgirl statue as part of this set, but the two statues that will be available look excellent.  Check out the MTV news article for all the details and photos of the statues.

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It’s too bad these statues won’t be available for this holiday season, but we certainly have something to look forward to for the summer.  Also, as far as DC Collectibles statues go, the $80 price tag is a good bargain.  Make sure to keep it tuned to Caped Crusades for continued coverage of new collectibles perfect for Bat-fans!