Official Batman v Superman Shirts Up For Pre-Order


Well, we’ve still got a long wait til Batman v Superman actually arrives in theaters, the merchandising blitz has just begun! For instance, you can now pre-order several official Batman v Superman T-Shirts from Merchoid!

I don’t really think of T-Shirts as something you pre-order, but hey, why not? Anyways, these official Batman v Superman shirts all retail for about $24 a piece. They ship for free worldwide, and are expected to ship January 29th, so well in advance of the actual movie.

I would like to give my thoughts on a few of the designs. Specifically the Batman and Superman shirts in the featured image. Obviously, portraying Superman as some kind of false god is a striking statement, but I am surprised they don’t offer shirts that specifically support Superman, after all, he has many supporters.

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Also, while Batman’s shirt portraying him as a “demon” of Gotham also isn’t horribly flattering, this would be something Batman would probably actually approve of. Whereas Superman wants to be seen as a positive protector of the people, Batman wants villains to fear him, think he’s more than a mere man, and something like this shirt would help spread that idea.

Finally, this third shirt, which is themed like the kind of shirt you would get at a high-profile one-on-one match between two big competitors, is almost in direct contrast of the other two shirts shown. Batman is now the “Guardian of Gotham”, and Superman is “The Last Son of Krypton”, neither evokes the image of a demon or false god, respectively.

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But minor complaints aside (although seriously, where’s a Wonder Woman shirt?) these shirts look pretty cool and would seem to be the perfect thing to wear for when you go see Batman v Superman in a few months. Are you Team Batman or Team Superman? Let your apparel say it for you!