Gotham: Nygma Finds A Confidant


When Edward Nygma and Oswald Cobblepot met in the first season of Gotham, it was an historic moment, to be sure. And a fun one at that. But it wasn’t really a meeting of two iconic Batman villains. Not yet. Penguin was still a low-level mob thug still playing Falcone & Maroni against each other, and Edward Nygma was simply a introverted forensic scientist at the GCPD that liked riddles. They didn’t exactly have some kind of instant connection.

Fast forward to mid-way through the first half of season two of Gotham though, and things have changed quite a bit. Penguin is the “King of Gotham”, but wounded and on the run. Edward Nygma has fully accepted his “Big Bad Ed” persona and is a straight up serial killer. Fate or possibly just dumb luck had these two run into each other again on last week’s episode of Gotham, “Tonight’s The Night”, with Penguin seemingly at death’s door from his injuries.

Instead of adding another body to his count, Nygma oddly decided to help Penguin. Maybe he sensed in Penguin a kindred soul (after all, Penguin has little problem viciously murdering people). But as you can see in the clip from this week’s episode, “A Bitter Pill To Swallow”, Penguin isn’t instantly bonding with his new caretaker:

(if the player isn’t working for you you can check out the clip here:

Well, it’s always pretty therapeutic to let someone in on your deepest, darkest secret. The thing I’m honestly most surprised about is that Penguin recognized Nygma at all. He was so unimportant at the time. I’m pretty sure if he wasn’t smack dab in the middle of GCPD headquarters in their first meeting, Penguin would’ve stabbed Nygma just for bothering him.

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Will Penguin and Nygma become bffs and raise hell all over Gotham? You’ll have to tune into Fox tomorrow night to find out!