Batman: Arkham Knight PC Controversy


Batman: Arkham Knight PC Controversy 

Stay with me, this is weird.

We all know, by now, the horrible problems with the PC edition of Batman: Arkham Knight. After its initial release’s disastrous play-ability caused WB Games to pull the game from shelves, the game went back to programmers to save both it and everyone’s credibility.

The game was then re-released and….it was still crap. It seems that the problems go so deep that they seem unfix-able. Yet, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment looks as though they are revving up for an official 3rd ‘release’. Or are they? A strange occurrence on the game’s user review section has added confusion to the controversy.

Reports have surfaced that previously posted reviews of Arkham Knight were suddenly relabeled as ‘pre-release reviews’. Implying that the 2 releases were, in fact, UNofficial pre-releases. What does that mean for the game?

Well, it looks as though WB was hoping to save face by claiming the buggy, crappy versions of the game weren’t the ‘real’ versions and they might soon release a finished ‘final’ edition. They would retroactively make everything that’s come before a beta copy, not the real game. Like we don’t remember what happened.

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To be fair, the company never made any new statements or announcements about a 3rd launch, but why else would they do this? Interestingly, in the few hours since this story began to take shape the powers that be have gone through and systematically removed – not replaced – all the ‘pre-release review’ tags. All of them.

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Has Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment reconsidered this marketing move after the limited reaction? Were they just testing the waters to see what their options were? Very, very hard to say. Considering the time and money that went into the game’s development, I doubt they’ll just throw their hands up and say ‘screw it, it’s just gonna suck. Don’t buy it’.

Either way, I’d expect them to do SOMETHING. Likely before Christmas.