Gotham: B.D. Wong Teases Hugo Strange


We’ve seen longtime Batman villain Hugo Strange on various cartoon shows and videogames, but he has yet to make an appearance in movies or a live-action TV show. That will change soon as Law & Order: SVU actor B.D. Wong (who has mostly played doctors of some sort most of his career) was recently cast for Hugo Strange in Gotham.

Wong seems pretty excited about the role, as he took to Instagram recently to tease possible looks for his Gotham appearance, showing several looks through different makeup tests:

Wong also teased a scene with Gotham actor Robin Lord Taylor, aka The Penguin, though gave no clue as to what context it would take place in:

"I may or may not have been in a room with Robin Lord Taylor at 2AM Saturday morning. It may have been tense and unclear who was in charge. To him."

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Well, if they are going for as close as they can possibly get to the character, the first few looks up at right are certainly the closest in what he has looked like in previous incarnations. I honestly think Hugo Strange with any kind of hair on his head looks bad, but of course, the performance is what really matters and I’m sure B.D. Wong is up to challenge of playing the mad professor.

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Hugo Strange will be the new man in charge of Arkham Asylum, but not surprisingly, he harbors a dark secret, and is also in charge of the weird experimentation going on at Indian Hill.  Fox has claimed that Hugo Strange will eventually be Gotham’s greatest threat. That is quite the claim given what Gotham has already gone through in just a season and a half. What is going on at Indian Hill? How does it tie into Arkham Asylum? And how does Hugo Strange rise to be the city’s greatest threat? You’ll have to tune into Gotham Mondays on Fox to find out!