Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Brainstorm Session – “Many Heads, One Tale”


This week’s Agents of SHIELD could have almost been the mid-season finale with that huge reveal. That only ramps up my hopes for the mid-season finale. They dropped a big truth bomb on the origins of Hydra and it could go in a heck of a lot of fun directions.

Overarching Question

Do we still believe Will is human?

With the big reveal about Hydra’s true history, I’m kind of leaning toward no. Hear me out:



Malick gave the expository speech about the Inhuman thousands of years ago destined to rule Planet Earth, so everyone shipped them off to another planet; while it hasn’t always been called “Hydra,” they have always sent men through the portal to the Inhuman deity in order to serve them.

We never see Will and Death together in the same shot (let’s call it Death just for brevity’s sake). When Simmons sees Death, once it’s a cloaked figure and the other time, it’s in a spacesuit not unlike Will’s. So Death is always indistinct and could really be anything. It seems weird that Will is the only person to have survived that long on the planet.

There’s also the possibility that Death takes the form of its sacrifices, so it’s taken Will’s shape, which I already kind of theorized for whenever they manage to rescue Will — that they’ll bring back Death. It wouldn’t come as a surprise if his “No Fly Zones” held incriminating evidence against who/what he really is, a la a corpse in Will’s actual space suit.

Or maybe it’s more like a Dark Phoenix scenario: Death merged with Will, but consciously thinks that he actually is Will and not realizing the power he actually holds.

Weekly MCU Character Cameo

Maria Hill could be working undercover for the ATCU under Tony Stark’s orders. Instead of having Rosalind’s right-hand man come to Hunter and Bobbi’s rescue, it would have been great to have the doors pop open and Hill stride in, gun in hand.

“Let’s get you out of here,” she says, gun cocked.

Fun Theory I Made Up Last Week

I refuse to let this sit idle even for one minute, mostly because the Kickstarter has me pumped up. Jumping off from last week’s theory involving Gizmonic Institute

Hydra is really just the latest faction of Gizmonic Institute, which is thousands of years old. That arching plot line in season 8 of Mystery Science Theater 3000 where Pearl, Brain Guy, and Professor Bobo traveled through a wormhole to Ancient Rome, they actually got stuck there and started their whole mad scheme all over again, thousands of years earlier.

Or perhaps they were part of that first crew who transferred that Inhuman to the other planet through the same wormhole they went through and he became the main Mad Scientist. The “sacrifices” to the other planets are actually going over to be trained to be the next “Mad.” And Will is the next Mad-in-training.

Weekly Webisode Idea

“Hunter’s Pro-Britain Jabs.” Seriously, he was on fire this week, between the “Redcoats,” asking for tea instead of coffee, and the username being “godsavethequeen,” I want to know what else he has up his sleeve. Because you know he has more than that ready to go.

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With a week break from Agents of SHIELD, it gives you plenty of time to make your way through Jessica Jones on Netflix. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, and we’ll be back at it in two weeks to see what other shenanigans our SHIELD crew gets into!