Badass Batman v Superman Figs Revealed!


Badass Batman v Superman Figs Revealed!

Even though all the hype around action figures is currently revolving around Star Wars – and with good reason – let’s not forget that there are some pretty awesome toys and merchandise tied to next year’s first blockbuster film.

Japanese toy company Medicom has unveiled the fruits of their license agreement with WB and DC Films with first looks at the new Batman and Superman action figures.

Each fig runs 6.3 inches tall with multiple points of articulation. In fact, it’s kinda ridiculous the extent to which these are able to move.

The Superman toy comes with a clear stand to simulate different versions of flight and the Batman figure comes with the movie weapons/equipment we saw displayed at Comic-Con.

The amazing nature of these toys comes with a price, of course. Each one weighs in at $48. Strangely, though, the won’t hit the market until July of next year. Batman v Superman hits screens at the end of March. WB must really be confident in the quality of the film because if it isn’t good – or even mediocre and flawed like Man of Steel – $50 (or 5,500 Yen) is going to be a steep price tag for collectors.

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Feel free to peruse the Japanese website on which these are described, but be warned that Google Translate isn’t the greatest at figuring out all the details in the announcement.

"DAWN OF JUSTICEFuォHikaru Rousseau highestのとのBa group movable field wo Ryogoku stand!MAFEX, made ​​me cryそのアku wa Worst fuィショnn giュア!July 2016 hatsu predetermined baifuェLEC ma su No.018MAFEX SUPERMAN (TM)Small bai Si reference cell ¥ 5,500 (tax Ba)※ consumption tax wa ke do not suffer the way Shen shi ma si.Prototype production PERFECT-STUDIOclothes make noda Yui late ko (Genesis ing)"

See? Either way, these should be some pretty awesome additions to anyone’s collection.

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I just may have to pony up the $100 to get both of these next summer. But, that’s assuming BvS lives up to the hype.  I guess we’ll know on March 25th, if not a little sooner.