Gotham: 5 Standout Moments From Son Of Gotham


We pick 5 standout moments from latest episode Gotham “Son of Gotham”!

Greetings Batman fans and welcome to another Gotham episode review! This week we are going to explore five moments from Son Of Gotham that really stood out to me. These are not necessarily the five most important moments, just the ones that stood out the most to me. Note these moments are not in any particular order, and obviously if you have not watched the latest episode of Gotham yet, spoilers ahead!

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1.  Aubrey James Recants

It looked like Gordon had newly-elected Gotham Mayor Theo Galavan dead to rights at the end of last week’s episode, “A Bitter Pill To Swallow”. Thanks to to some unwitting help from Barbara Kean, Gordon had found out where the former Mayor was being held and rescued him. And James was all too willing to let Gordon know that it was Theo Galavan who kidnapped him and forced him to resign.

So Galavan should be going away for a long time, right? Well, we knew that probably wouldn’t happen. It just wouldn’t be that easy. And for some reason, the former Mayor James changed his original testimony, saying it was all the Penguin’s doing. Obviously James was bribed or more likely threatened by Galavan to change his testimony. Gordon had a hunch something like this was coming, but with James’ recantation and no other hard evidence, Galavan is set free. Which of course he then rubs in Gordon’s face, even publicly offering an olive branch publicly in court, knowing it would really set Gordon off. This scene shows that even a little thing like possible jail time is only the mildest of hindrances to Galavan’s ultimate goal for Gotham.

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#2. Bruce Wayne: Master Of Deception

One of Batman/Bruce Wayne’s defining traits is his duplicitous nature. It’s how he’s able to be Batman and yet be playboy billionaire Bruce Wayne and the two seem so different. I mean at the end of the day, Superman and Clark Kent aren’t that different, Peter Parker and Spider-Man are pretty much the same guy. It’s really their anonymity that helps keep their secret, no one cares about a couple of newspaper employees.

Gotham has flirted with Bruce Wayne starting to learn the art of deception, but in “Son of Gotham”, he really showed those traits that would make us believe this kid can grow up to be Gotham’s protector. He didn’t just lie to Silver St. Cloud, he manipulated her and set up a fairly elaborate ruse involving really shady characters, not to mention pulling off the performance of a lifetime in order to get the information he wanted from her. He may not have the physical skills of Batman yet, that will take years. But the ability to pull off such a masterful deception? That’s shades of Batman right there.

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3. Tabitha vs. Alfred

Fight scene of the year? We’ve gotten hints of how badass both Alfred and Tabitha can be, but nobody had really tested either of them until now. This was a fantastic breathtaking knockdown drag out fight between two equally skilled opponents, and it was amazing. We’ve seen intense fights on Gotham before, Jim Gordon seems to get into one every other week. But this was two trained killers just really going at it. Tabitha may have slightly gotten the better of Alfred in the end, but it wasn’t a definitive fight to the finish, so who knows what will happen the next time these two meet up?

What I actually want to see is these two badasses teaming up for a respective cause. That’s usually what happens, right? With there being a growing rift between the Galavan siblings, Tabitha could easily be turning sides at least temporarily just to get out from under her brother’s control. I’m also perfectly ok with a rematch. Let’s hope at least one of these happens soon.

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#2. Yes but not about her

It seemed like Selina and Bruce were growing apart. And everyone from Alfred to Silver St. Cloud was only helping to make that rift deeper. But when Bruce needed someone to help discover vital information from Silver? He turned to one of his few real friends in Gotham (and certainly the only one close to his age) Selina Kyle. One elaborate ruse later and the two are thick as thieves again, possibly even hinting at more with Bruce telling Selina what he truly thinks of her as a person.

Of course, this is the story of Batman & Catwoman, even if Bruce & Selina are on good terms now, odds are they will split again later on down the line. Even if Catwoman is basically a superhero nowadays, she started off as a villain. She has to go through that journey, and that will eventually put the two at odds. But for now, it was an incredibly sweet moment in an otherwise fairly dark episode.

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#1.Theo Galavan Reveals Himself

Theo Galavan has always been presented as a man who let others do the dirty work for him. Be it Penguin or The Maniax or sister Tabitha, someone else always did the actual work of killing someone. Granted, Theo is obviously perfectly willing to kill people, but he didn’t necessarily seem like that much of a physical threat by himself.

But we should’ve know, Theo Galavan is final boss. He only reveals his true nature and skills when absolutely necessary. Sure, he’s already shown himself to be very clever and manipulative, like any good villain really. But when he unchains Gordon and dares him to save Gotham? Gordon’s now pushover. He has army training, and has dealt with multiple maniacs highly trained assassins in his short time in Gotham.

But James Gordon has no chance against Theo Galavan, trained in the ways of the Order of St. Dumas and who shows the biggest reason to fear him is because you still don’t know if you’ve seen everything of him. Even with him easily kicking Gordon’s ass, Theo Galavan probably is still holding back just a little. It’s a sign that we may never know all there is to know about Theo Galavan.

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And there are our top 5 standout moments from “Son Of Gotham”! What are some of yours? Just let us know in the comments. Next week is Gotham’s Fall finale, “Worse Than A Crime”. We’re sure that will have plenty of standout moments, so be sure to tune in next Monday on Fox!