Gotham: Worse Than A Crime Preview


James Gordon teams up with some unusual allies to rescue Bruce Wayne and help take down Theo Galavan in Gotham’s Fall finale

We are here Gothamites! Next Monday is the Fall finale episode of Gotham. Episode 11, titled “Worse Than A Crime”. And believe it or not, Gotham is in more peril than ever. Theo Galavan has Bruce Wayne, and The Order Of St. Dumas is ready to “cleanse” Gotham and make the whole city atone for wrongs done to Galavan’s family over a century ago.

Here is the brief but still teasing synopsis for Episode 11 Of Gotham, “Worse Than A Crime”:

"When Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) is kidnapped, Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) must look to some unlikely and dangerous allies for help. It is a battle of the villains, and not everyone makes it out alive."

And we also have a promo for next week’s episode:

It looks like everyone in Gotham is teaming up to try and take down Theo Galavan, including James Gordon and Penguin, which since both of them have major motivation against Galavan, makes plenty of sense.

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And a lot of shows can claim not everybody will make it out of an important episode alive, but Gotham’s one of the few that puts it’s money where it’s mouth is. The show has been pretty willing to kill off characters that while not completely essential to Batman himself, are big parts of The DC universe and even it’s own original villains. The only ones I think for sure at this point are safe are Gordon, Bruce & Galavan since we already know his story continues past Gotham’s Fall finale.

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But will this alliance to between heroes and villains be enough to stop Theo Galavan and The Order Of St. Dumas? I actually think the difference might be Tabitha. Not that she’ll have a sudden urge to do what’s right, she’ll just be tired of following her brother’s orders. We’ll find out next Monday on “Worse Than A Crime”!