Gotham: Tabitha Galavan Is A Woman Of Action


Gotham actress Jessica Lucas discusses how Tabitha Galavan isn’t a big planner unlike her brother Theo  how that’s creating a rift between them

We’ve always known Tabitha Galavan is the more impulsive of the villainous Galavan siblings on Gotham (though Theo recently proved he can kick someone’s ass if need be). She’s definitely someone who would rather punch people first and ask questions later. And Jessica Lucas, who plays Tabitha Galavan on Gotham, talked about this fact in an interview with CBR recently:

"She doesn’t think about the overall plan. Tabitha’s there to carry out the action. She’s a woman of action, and I don’t think she spends a lot of time thinking about it the way that he does. I’m not even sure how she’s entrenched in this whole family back story like he is."

Sounds like Tabitha doesn’t have the same dedication to this master plan of vengeance that Theo has. Will this lead to a rift between the two? Jessica Lucas talked about this very thing with

"The slow cracks that are forming in the relationship with her brother, her coming into her own, gaining some independence and understanding her power, I think that’s something that will continue to grow. She’ll just keep coming into her own more. Resentment is building. She’s disillusioned. I don’t know how on board she’ll continue to be [with the Order of St. Dumas]. She’s not as on board with the plan anymore."

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Will Tabitha’s growing resentment be Theo Galavan’s ultimate undoing? It certainly doesn’t seem like anyone else can really stop him. You’ll find out by tuning into next week’s mid-season finale of Gotham, “Worse Than A Crime” on Fox!