Batman v Superman: Gotham Stars Take Sides


Batman v Superman: Gotham Stars Take Sides

If you haven’t heard already, tonight DC is finally cross-promoting their TV and movie properties as if they were forced to admit they were under the same umbrella.

DC – up until recently – was doing a poor job of unifying their properties. They apparently wanted to take the opposite approach to Marvel’s shared universe, which covered all live-action media. This meant they intentionally kept everything separate – often with confusing overlaps they refused to address.

Now, thankfully, they’ve been forced to publicly explain their plans by teasing the Mutliverse concept. It may not have been the original idea, but it also just might work. Especially if they are building to a Crisis event.

Tonight on the mid-season finale of Gotham, DC is going to give us new looks at Batman v Superman with never-before-seen footage from March’s big tent pole film. So what does the cast think of the first onscreen crossover between the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight?

Let’s find out.

"The cast of GOTHAM has some strong opinions in the great BATMAN V. SUPERMAN debate! See whose side they’re on, and tune in to the GOTHAM fall finale on Monday, Nov. 30 for an exclusive sneak at the new movie."

If I had to guess, this move is for 2 main reasons.

1) Gotham’s ratings have been a concern since week 2. They may think new viewers may want to tune in for the big reveal, then be dazzled by the show they hadn’t bothered to watch before. Problem with that is, it hasn’t worked so far. The premiere received great ratings, then went on a steady decline for the remainder. I’m not sure this would work the way they hope. It could just be a band-aid.

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2) Marvel just dropped the trailer for Captain America: Civil War, which has long been known to be the biggest threat to BvS‘s box office numbers. They were originally scheduled to be released in the same weekend, in fact. DC blinked first, moving the date back to March.

Next: Gotham: First Look at Mr. Freeze.

In either event, we will be tuning in to see the sneak peek and will bring you coverage of everything they throw at us!