WB Games Montreal Hiring For Two DC Games


WB Games is hiring for two big budget triple A games set in the DC Universe

Rocksteady may have put their final stamp on Batman with Arkham Knight, but if you think that’s the last DC or Batman-based game we’ll see for awhile, you obviously don’t know the video games biz.

The Arkham series was a huge cash cow for everyone involved, and with the DC cinematic universe just really getting started next year, WB would be a fool not to at least try and capitalize on the next several years of DC comic book movies, even if the games aren’t directly tied to any of those films.

With that in mind, WB Games Montreal is hiring for two games based in the DC universe. WB Games Montreal is best known for the mostly ok Arkham Origins game and the Batgirl DLC for Arkham Knight, which is the best of a bad bunch so far, frankly. So that doesn’t leave me horribly optimistic, but Arkham Origins was certainly rushed out the door, maybe these next two games will be given proper time to develop.

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While there’s no word on what these mysterious games WB Games Montreal are, the odds of at least one involving Batman are pretty much 99.9%. Neither of them may be Batman-focused games, but Batman would almost certainly be in them (i.e. a Justice League game).

Whatever these games end up being, I just really hope WB Games Montreal don’t do another Arkham Game and try something new. Even a game with the Arkham Engine but a different character (Green Arrow, Question, etc.) would be a welcome change of pace. The Batman Arkham series had a good send off with Arkham Knight(minus the problems with the PC port and lackluster DLC), let it stay that way and don’t sully the series by releasing a quick sub-par entry for a cash grab.

h/t Gamesradar