Future Fight Leak: Spider-Verse Characters & More!


As unfortunate as content leaks are, the newly revealed characters and uniforms for Marvel and Netmarble’s mobile app Future Fight are only increasing hype towards the game. If this was a marketing ploy (which I doubt), it would be a genius move as people are likely preparing their resources now in order to get what they want when the update rolls around. To preface this, the content has been confirmed as real by a community manager over at Netmarble’s website Mobirum; you can view the statement here.

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Spider-Fans rejoice! The update will certainly appease fans of “Spider-Verse,” as the patch will bring three new Spider-Totems to the battlefield. Fan favorite


will be swinging into the roster, equipped were her always awesome outfit and some spinning bird kick acrobatic moves. My other favorite Spider-Gal


will also be joining the fight, with a move-set that really showcases her high agility/mobility and ability to rapidly create copious amounts of webbing. Finally, our boy

Miles Morales

will arrive just in time to shock the competition, with his venom blast and some stealthy skills. With Spidoc, Spider-Man, and the Superior Spider-Man already in the game, it will possible to have many combinations of complete Spider-teams. People had predicted the eventual arrival of Miles and Gwen, but I’m happy they added Silk as well.

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And if that wasn’t enough, the trailer revealed three new uniforms, one that was particularly anticipated. The three uniforms are

Ms. Marvel

(Carol Danvers),

Black Vortex Gamora

, and

All-New, All-Different

(I believe)

Sister Grimm

(Nico Minoru). Captain Marvel (one of my favorite characters in the game) already has one uniform (Carol Corps), but it was locked behind a mechanic that was essentially a pay wall, unavailable to the masses. Luckily this update seems to be a heartfelt apology letter to fans, as the Ms. Marvel costume was highly requested in the aftermath of the previous uniform debacle. Gamora will receive a nice buff, as most of the Guardians of the Galaxy characters seem to be falling slightly behind, and Sister Grimm will be even stronger than she already is (and she’s pretty darn strong already).

Above is a video showing the new content in action. Whether it’ll get taken down remains to be seen, but for now it’s here and building up excitement. Get your crystals and web-shooters ready Spider-Fans… Christmas is coming.

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