What DC Video Games Is WB Games Montreal Working On?


It’s exciting news and a mystery rolled into one. Earlier this week, IGN reported that WB Games Montreal, the studio that produced Batman: Arkham Origins while Rocksteady was rolling around in its money like Scrooge McDuck taking a break from the series, is working on not one, but two new DC video games.

The proof is in the job listings, and if you’ve got relevant video game experience and a desire to bring some DC super heroes to life, this might be your chance. Plus, we can use you as our mole inside WB Games Montreal to find out what’s really going on!

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Just kidding. Comic Book Resources doesn’t think the studio is doing any movie tie-ins, and truthfully, the video games industry in general has moved away from that. Why limit yourself by a direct link to any one particular story from a movie?

That doesn’t mean we couldn’t see the Ben Affleck Batman in video game form, or some of his Justice League colleagues from the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It might be nice to see the heroes of the Arrow-verse in games as well, something we really haven’t experienced outside of appearances in a few mobile games.

What would you like to see next from DC video games? If you’ve got a burning desire to see something in particular or just an idea for what would be especially awesome on console and/or PC, leave us a comment below or give us a shout on Twitter.