Batman Is Superman’s Mentor In Man Of Tomorrow


Man Of Tomorrow explores Batman & Superman’s relationship from a very different angle

Superman is an inspiration to millions around the world, but who can inspire Superman, especially when he’s lost everything? How about Batman? That’s the premise of the French fan film, Man Of Tomorrow.

Here’s a description of Man Of Tomorrow from the film’s producers:

"At the dawn of the 21st Century, mega-corporations exert more influence than governments. The city of Metropolis is it’s symbol, a technology showcase of tomorrow’s world.It is in this context that the young Clark Kent – as never lost following the loss of his love always, Lana Lang, and his father, Jonathan Kent – will leave in a vengeful quest against Omega Corp that [he] holds responsible [for] this loss and will lead the world toward a new age.In the shadow of Metropolis, Clark will face an enemy that will test [his] part of humanity, but also valuable allies who will bring [him] to [his] ultimate destiny: Superman!"

Oddly enough the description doesn’t mention Batman at all, but as you can see in the trailer below, he plays a pretty prominent part in Man Of Tomorrow as someone who helps guide Superman from his lowest point to rise up again:

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Man Of Tomorrow will release online on December 11th, presumably also with English subtitles. We’ll be sure to review it here at Caped Crusades. From the looks of the trailer, it looks like any other decently produced fan film, the effects meander between surprisingly decent for a fan film and well, what you expect out of a fan film. But the angle of Batman being something he’s never really been to Superman before might make Man Of Tomorrow stand out among the many, many fan films out there.

h/t Superman Supersite