Batman v Superman: New Novel ‘Cross Fire’


Batman v Superman: New Novel ‘Cross Fire’

Though I’m sure this isn’t the only tie in novel we will see surrounding the upcoming DC Films tent pole, the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice  companion book – Cross Fire – gives us some new promo images from the movie.

The novel isn’t published by DC or WB, but a third party publisher. In this case it’s book giant Scholastic. The book itself isn’t the direct novelization of the film, but a side story continuing the adventures of the new reluctant partners.

According to the Amazon solicitation, the two heroes must battle a mysterious new villain.

"After saving Metropolis from an alien invasion, Superman is now famous around the world. Meanwhile Gotham City’s own guardian, Batman, would rather fight crime from the shadows. But when the devious Doctor Aesop escapes from Arkham Asylum, the two very different heroes begin investigating the same case and a young boy is caught in the cross fire."

Interesting. Before you start any fanboy rumors, I doubt seriously that Dr. Aesop is the Big Bad in BvS. I do appreciate that the story seems to tie into the movie’s theme of collateral damage. (For those of you keeping score, that’s also the impetus for the comic version of Marvel’s Civil War – the film that will be the biggest competition for Dawn of Justice in the box office this year.)

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Cross Fire hits shelves in February of 2016, just over a month before the film hits screens. Good news for fans now, though, as the novel can be pre-ordered right now as part of Amazon‘s holiday promotions.

"Special Offers and Product PromotionsPre-order Price Guarantee! Order now and if the price decreases between your order time and the end of the day of the release date, you’ll receive the lowest price. Here’s how (restrictions apply)Take an Extra 30% Off Any Book: Use promo code HOLIDAY30 at checkout to get an extra 30% off any book for a limited time. Excludes Kindle eBooks and Audible Audiobooks. Restrictions apply. Learn more |Shop now"

Pretty sweet.

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Now, I’m not personally a big fan of third party novels or other books. Not that they are bad in anyway, but they are usually geared toward an audience that doesn’t normally buy from the comic company itself. That means that the information involved for something like, say, the DC Encyclopedia isn’t quite as complete as what DC would put in their own books. As a companion novel I’m sure it’s totally worth it, though.