Batman v Superman Trailer Gives Away Whole Movie


Batman v Superman Trailer Gives Away Whole Movie

I mean, really?

Did you see the new Batman v Superman trailer from last night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live? If you haven’t, be warned: it’s essentially the whole damn movie.

Perhaps a product of a society with ever shrinking attention spans, perhaps in issue of instant gratification, (or both), the latest preview of DC Films’ big tent pole project bucks the rather steady trend of keeping spoilers under wraps.

We now know who the villain is for sure (more on that in a bit), we saw the conflict between Bruce and Clark introduced, come to a head, and basically resolved. By the end of the trailer the only thing left not shown is the last 5 minutes of the movie. It was honestly like watching a Cliff’s Notes version of the film as if it had already come out.

Don’t believe me? Here, I’ll show you.

Yep. That’s pretty much the whole thing.

Also, I must say that I’m seriously disappointed with Doomsday in this. Not only because he just looks like a Cave Troll, but because it’s a cheap villain to use in this context.

See, in the comics Doomsday was – yes a product of the dark era when everything was ‘extreme’ and sensationalist, but actually not a bad plot device. The reason the Death of Superman was interesting was because there was a long and ominous build up, a pretty satisfying battle and an entire year of fallout. We weren’t 100% sure Superman was even coming back. Hell, he was replaced by 4 other characters. The return of Kal-El was not a guarantee.

Doomsday was the only villain who could pull that off because he was new, powerful, enigmatic and not one of Clark’s classic foils. Fans wouldn’t believe he could really be dead if he were knocked off by Lex Luthor or Metallo or whatever. It just wouldn’t ring true. This creature, hellbent on destruction? Why not? I bought it.

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Not only that, but killing Superman in a convincing way after so many years of beloved fandom had a lot of emotional weight. ‘Killing’ him – or even just using the creature that kills him – in the 2nd movie this version of Superman is in seems weak at best.

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But, hey, now I don’t have to wait till March to find that out. We’ve got the whole movie right here.