Gotham: Your First Glimpse Of Mr. Freeze In Action!


Gotham gave us the first brief glimpse of Mr. Freeze in chilling action!

Gotham may not be coming back until the end of February, but it will be an icy return as the show ended it’s mid-season finale with a brief clip of the future showing Victor Fries aka Mr. Freeze!

In case you tuned out slightly early of Gotham’s mid-season finale (and who could blame you, aside from frankly being a pretty lackluster episode for taking 3 months off and the disappointing 10-second teaser of Batman v Superman rather than a full trailer), the last bit gave us our first full glimpse of Mr. Freeze in action, check it out below for yourself!

We will see Mr. Freeze in action right when Gotham returns on February 29th. As you can see, while he has his trademark freeze ray, as I’ve previously stated, without his trademark suit, he looks like a bad Captain Cold knockoff (which is funny, considering Captain Cold is kind of a joke of a villain, but so was Freeze before his reboot in Batman: The Animated series) .

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I have a not completely wild theory here. While the the basic villain origins remain the same, Mr. Freeze will possibly get his cold suit after being defeated, but then becoming the latest resident at the Indian Hill facility, where seemingly the worst of the worst of Gotham’s criminals are ending up after their apparent deaths or near-deaths. Eventually, everyone will come back all powered up in some way, more than even Gordon can handle, and that’s obviously what leads to Batman. It could be a slow trickle, or the dam bursting all at once. Might also depend on how many seasons Gotham lasts. We’ll obviously just have to wait and see.