New Batman v Superman Trailer From Jimmy Kimmel Live!


Watch the latest trailer for the upcoming comic book movie Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice fresh from Jimmy Kimmel Live right here!

Well in case you missed it, unlike during Gotham’s mid-season finale, an actual full new trailer for the upcoming Batman v Superman debuted from none other than Ben Affleck himself during Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight. Before I give my thoughts and possibly influence you in any way, you should probably just watch the trailer first, which definitely has some major spoilers so if you don’t want to know much about the plot of Batman v Superman, don’t watch:

So from this trailer we basically know the whole story of Batman v Superman now. Batman and Superman aren’t on friendly terms, which hey, we could’ve guessed from the title, but Lex Luthor not surprisingly seems to be manipulating them into fighting each other. That apparently doesn’t work so he resurrects Zod, seemingly as Doomsday. And then Wonder Woman shows up, I guess?

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That’s probably the interesting thing is that neither of them seems to know Wonder Woman, when it was heavily rumored that Batman and Wonder Woman knew each other and that would be shown in the upcoming Wonder Woman movie. So she just randomly shows up when they are about to fight Doomsday? That seems kind of far fetched?

I feel like this trailer is an improvement as it explains the conflict a little bit better and shows Lex’s involvement, but I feel by showing Doomsday they gave too much away, Wonder Woman seems like the most randomly inserted character ever. Maybe this will gel in the actual film, but given the director is Zack Snyder, that’s not a great hope. We’ll obviously see for sure when Batman v Superman opens in March.