Batman v Superman: What’s Up With Aquaman?


Batman v Superman: What’s Up With Aquaman?

Even though the latest Batman v Superman trailer essentially gave us the basic framework for the ENTIRE MOVIE, one glaring omission was that of Aquaman.

When we first heard about his inclusion in the film the hype was rampant. There were reactions on both sides of the fanboy fervor when it was revealed that Game of Thrones star and runner up to the role of Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy Jason Momoa would be the new King of Atlantis.

I mean, after all, Arthur Curry is a blond white guy, critics said. Why give the aesthetic impression that he’s a Pacific Islander if Atlantis is…well…in the Atlantic? Well, frankly, he’s the king of all the oceans. But that’s beside the point.

The real issue is the complete lack of news or even gossip about the character in months. In fact, the only thing that’s come out since around Comic-Con is this photo:

This first look at the Aquaman toy comes from a major con in Brazil. It does happen to give us 2 pieces of info about Batman v Superman, even if trivial. 1) His costume looks like it’s going to be far more traditional than first suspected (though if you happened to be at the SDCC DC Films panel like I was, you kinda already got that feeling) and 2) He’s still in the damn movie.

So, what do we know – or at least think we know – about Aquaman’s role in BvS?

Supposedly, both The Flash and Curry are being monitored by LexCorp and Cadmus Labs. Aquaman appears to have been held prisoner by the shady organizations, captured in a water filled tank.

It’s been rumored that Amanda Waller has Aquaman’s trident held as a trophy in her office from

Suicide Squad

. It seems that Waller has detained him for study after the events of

Man of Steel


  • He’s been captured following a battle with a mutated shark that appears to be the big screen version of former Suicide Squad cannon fodder King Shark.
  • That’s about it.

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    If they release another trailer will they spill the beans on Curry like they did with Wonder Woman in the latest one? Or are they going to keep such juicy tidbits under wraps like they had thus far?

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    If I had to guess, I’d say the latter. Though I was thoroughly disappointed by the latest BvS trailer’s free-wheeling spoilers, I doubt they’re going to risk anymore Easter Eggs getting out until we actually see them in the theater. But that’s only if they actually want people to go see it.