12 Best Superhero Movie Trailers Of All Time

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9. X-Men

It’s getting harder and harder to remember with each passing year, but the X-Men were to Marvel in the 90s what the Avengers are to the company today. Anticipation was high for the mutant heroes to hit the big screen, and the first trailer for X-Men did not disappoint.

This preview set the stage perfectly, framing the issue of mutants and the hysteria they cause among the normal populace perfectly even for non-comic readers. You can’t really do the X-Men justice without that element included, and you saw it front and center in this case.

The first time you heard Patrick Stewart speak as Charles Xavier, it reinforced the popular notion that his casting was perfect (and let’s face it, the guy does look a lot like Professor X). We also got to see enough fan favorite heroes and villains that it was hard to suppress some cheers when they each popped up.

I’d probably rank this one higher except for the somewhat cheesy “roll call” introduction to each character and the generic music, which somehow feels more dated than even older trailers on our list. Nevertheless, this preview gave fans the impression that it was possible to do a proper X-Men flick without spending a billion dollars to make it, and that proved to be accurate.

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