Red Hood Hunts The Joker In Red Hood: The Fallen Fan Film


Red Hood hunts down the Joker in Red Hood: The Fallen, a fan film out of Perth, Australia!

I think pretty much anybody who is a Batman fan knows the story of former Robin Jason Todd, the Robin who was beaten to death by the Joker, one of Batman’s biggest failures and something that haunts him to this day.

What those who don’t keep up with comics might not know is that Jason Todd has been resurrected (I think it’s changed, but originally it was because Superboy literally punched reality so hard it brought Jason Todd back to life, because apparently that’s a thing that can happen if you punch reality hard enough). And rather than being Batman’s sidekick again, he is Red Hood, a vicious vigilante who has no issue using guns and killing criminals, which occasionally makes him but heads with his former mentor.

Well, in the fan film, Red Hood: The Fallen, it appears Batman is dead, and Red Hood is out to kill The Joker, and after what the Joker did to Jason, who could blame him? Fair warning, Red Hood: The Fallen does demand a little chunk of your time, clocking in at just over 23 minutes, so don’t just watch it on your break, give yourself a little chunk of time:

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Red Hood: The Fallen seems to be a decently produced fan film. The actor playing Red Hood isn’t half bad, and while performances vary, none seem cringe-inducing. Honestly the only real weakness seems to be the Joker. The look is just terrible, basically a dude with white face paint, and while I realize this is a fan film, many fan films have done way better. The voice also just sounds like the laziest attempt possible at imitating Mark Hamill. Red Hood: The Fallen certainly isn’t a bad fan film, but it’s got just enough issues and nothing to really make it stand out to land it right in the middle of the pack in my humble opinion.