Civil War Co-Director Doesn’t See Batman v Superman As Competition


Anthony Russo, Co-Director Of Civil War, wants all superhero films to be a success

2016 could be seen as the first year DC really faces off against Marvel. While you don’t have any films directly opening against each other, I’m sure fanboys will be keeping an eye on who rules the box office between Marvel’s offerings of Captain America: Civil War and Doctor Strange against DC’s big guns of Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad.

But Civil War co-director Anthony Russo really doesn’t see the different brands as competition for each other, speaking at a recent comic book convention in Brazil on the matter:

"As filmmakers, my brother and I, we love the genre. The more good comic book movies there are the better, as far as we’re concerned. So, we don’t really look at it as competition. We think Zack Snyder is great and we hope the movie is fun and great and we enjoy it like everybody else."

It’s the right attitude to take frankly. It’s important that DC’s films are huge successes because that’s a win for everybody, and while there’s a possibility of Marvel being immune to the effect, if Batman v Superman fails (I feel like if Suicide Squad bombs, it won’t hurt the overall film slate, but may change some plans), it could have a dire effect on this golden age (some might say glut) of comic book films we enjoy now.

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That being said, I’m sure 2016 will be filled with plenty of discussion about what was the biggest superhero film, Civil War or Batman v Superman? And what if those two were extremely successful but one of the other films like Deadpool makes a bigger splash? One thing’s for sure, 2016 is going to be a very interesting year for comic book films….