Harley Quinn Would Do Well In Zombie Apocalypse


Harley Quinn would thrive in the mayhem of a zombie apocalypse, as the fan film Harley Quinn vs. Zombies shows

I don’t think too many people are well prepared for a zombie apocalypse. Even if you are surviving it’s not like you are having a good time. I mean, what kind of lunatic would enjoy something like that? Well, possibly Harley Quinn for one, as the fan film Harley Quinn vs. Zombies shows.

After gleefully offing a pack of zombies, Harley Quinn runs into a group of survivors, who ask her to escort them to a supposedly safe outpost, she agrees, but in a fairly Harley Quinn-esque manner:

I love the performance of Aly Fritz as Harley Quinn. It’s definitely not something that would be worthy of a motion picture role, but she’s got the mannerisms and style down and it’s above the acting you see in most fan films.

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I do have a couple of issues though. Harley Quinn calls one of the guys “Mr. B” because he has a beard? It really doesn’t work at all. Also, I get fan films are short and have and obviously have a limited budget, but it really seems like this one ends before it even really begins since you don’t even get to see Harley escort the survivors to the out post. If it was just a few more minutes, I think Harley Quinn vs. Zombies could’ve been a really fun romp that rises above your generic fan film, but it’s just to short to accomplish any goals it sets out for.

h/t Comicbook.Com