Kevin Smith Has Some Ideas For Batman Solo Film


Kevin Smith has an interesting pitch for a solo Batman film, plus a Marvel/DC match-up he’d really like to see

Kevin Smith is not just the director of the upcoming Mallrats 2 & Yoga Hosers, he is also a pretty massive Batman fan. Smith has not only written a few issues of Batman himself, but also hosts the podcast Fatman On Batman (although to be fair, that’s more of a show on geek culture in general that occasionally talks about Batman).

So if Kevin Smith has some ideas for a Batman solo movie, they are probably good ones, and he recently expressed a couple of those on Screen Junkies:

"I’m going to give you two versions. I was going to say Hush, because you get all the characters. In a world where DC is trying to launch the DC cinematic universe, this would be a way to do it and introduce all of Batman’s rogues’ gallery in one movie. So naturally, that’s your money decision right here. But I’m not going to go studio, I’m going to go from the heart."

What does Kevin Smith’s heart say? To go with a version of Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns directed by Mad Max: Fury Road director George Miller (no relation in case you were wondering)

"Now, this is a great combination of material and filmmaker. The man can direct….Give the story of the old Batman to the 70-year-old director who made the amazing-looking Fury Road. It’s a no-brainer."

And who should play the aging Batman? Well, surprisingly Smith claims they should give George Clooney, star of the disastrous Batman & Robin, another shot, claiming he has a better Batman in him and it would be a chance for redemption. It’s certainly an interesting notion and I think we can all agree Batman & Robin wasn’t all on George Clooney, plenty of blame to go around on that movie.

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Kevin Smith was also asked what Marvel/DC match-up he would like to see, and he responded with Batman and Iron Man, reasoning that it would be really interesting to see two billionaires that lost their parents at a young age and use their wealth and technology to fight crime would be one of the more interesting possible  match-ups. It’s certainly a fight I’d love to see, but obviously unless Disney buys DC or Warner Bros. & Disney come to some sort of historic agreement, we’ll only see that in fan films.

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