Batman v Superman Character Posters Best Yet


Batman v Superman Character Posters Best Yet

Batman v Superman hasn’t really seemed to nail down their aesthetic for marketing quite yet. The only real posters we’ve been shown were the pseudo post-modern pop art pieces with logos torn off over their eyes.

Now we finally have a more unified idea of how ads will look as the are plastered on every square inch of public space over the next few months.

Check out the official character posters for the upcoming blockbuster.

DC Films is fully embracing the fact that Wonder Woman has quickly become the most intriguing part of BvS. Even though they originally thought both Batman and Superman would be the big draw, Diana has stolen the show.

This means, of course, that the name of the film (which I didn’t care for anyway) is even less applicable to the pumping off point it’s become.

Really, this film is just a prequel to Justice League. Even more than X-Men was really just a prequel to X-Men 2, the real start of that franchise.

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We now have Wonder Woman, (who completes the famous DC Trinity), Aquaman, Cyborg (which we haven’t seen much about) and possibly The Flash. Much, much more than just Batman v Superman. I doubt seriously we will see any substantial reference to Green Lantern – especially since GL bombed and that Ryan Reynolds pokes fun at it in the upcoming Deadpool – or Green Arrow, but I would expect some Easter Eggs that make allusions to other league members.

We know that there will be a Green Lantern Corps movie in the next few years, though it won’t star Chris Pine as he’s now Steve Trevor in the Wonder Woman film. Heck, we don’t even know if it will be Hal Jordan or John Stewart (I doubt it’s Guy Gardener) wielding the power ring.

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In any event, the look of the new DC Cinematic Universe is shaping up. Whether or not we like the aesthetic, it’s going to be pretty cool to see the Justice League on screen together for the first time. Seriously giddy fanboy moments.