LEGO Reveals Final Batman v Superman Sets


LEGO has revealed the last of the Batman v Superman sets, do they contain any hints as to the actual movie?

Lego announced that they have 3 final sets based on Batman v Superman that they are releasing on January 1st. Why you would release these so close to after Christmas and yet more than two months before the film is out seems like odd timing to me, but hey I don’t run LEGO.

The first set is LEGO Super Heroes Untied: Sky-High Battle, and is in the featured image of this article. As you can see, it has the Batwing and Lex Luthor’s helicopter along with Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Lois Lane and Lex Luthor. Does this indicate a climatic battle scene involving these characters and vehicles? It has been hinted that Doomsday is not the final act Batman v Superman, so it’s certainly possible. This set will be $49.99.

The second set is called LEGO Super Heroes Clash of the Heroes. It’s a recreation of a scene we’ve seen in the trailers for Batman v Superman, as it’s the two heroes meeting at the Bat-signal (thus possibly lending credence to the first set also being a scene from the movie) and comes with a buildable kryptonite bazooka. This set will be $12.99

The third and final set is Lego Super Heroes Kryptonite Interception. Again, this could easily be a scene from the film as it features Lexcorp thugs, Kryptonite, a Lexcorp forklift and Batman along with his Batmobile. This could be Batman stealing Kryptonite for use against Superman for all we know.

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So, will any of these reflect scenes in Batman v Superman? Well, one already does which suggest the other two might happen in some form as well. I can easily see a finale involving say Lex Luthor holding Lois Lane hostage in his LexCorp helicopter while Batman chases him in his Batwing alongside Superman & Wonder Woman. We’ll just have to wait and see when Batman v Superman finally opens in March.