Batman v Superman Shows Consequences Of Violence


Ben Affleck talks about the consequences in Batman v Superman

A lot of people involved in Batman v Superman have talked about how it and the DC universe in general is more “grounded” than your average comic book film. While we may joke about how grounded you can be when you have a billionaire playboy fighting someone with the power of a god, it really just means that hey, blowing up a building might have consequences.

Ben Affleck elaborated on this concept in a recent magazine interview:

"I don’t think this film has any sort of lesson, but it’s more than just entertainment, it’s also trying to show that there are real consequences to violence. When a building collapses, people die, and those are lives lost forever. This film also shows that fear is the enemy of us all. Fear brings out the worst in us. When we fear powerful people because we think they might destroy us, we tend to use that to justify any decision we might be tempted to make. There are some parallels with preemptive strikes, and things like that. It allows us to analyze how we think about what we do, when facing a threat. That’s very relevant to what’s going on in the world right now. The film tackles pertinent themes."

That does seem like a direct reaction to the Marvel films, where with a few notable exceptions, generally people don’t get killed and the heroes go to occasionally ridiculous lengths to make sure every man, woman, child and goldfish is safe.

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But one of the most divisive elements of Man Of Steel was it’s property destruction along with it’s body count, so it makes me wonder if they were able to find some kind of happy balance for Batman v Superman? I’m not saying Batman or Superman should make sure everybody is evacuated out of a building before they fight Doomsday, but if somebody’s hanging off a ledge and about to fall to their death, they should go out of their way to save them. I’m hoping that’s what reflected in Batman v Superman when the movie comes out.

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