52 Fun Facts About Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

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The DC Trinity

When the big three — Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman — come together, you can almost say that this group alone is the very definition of “overpowered.”  But when you’re handling evil on a universal scale, you’ll need that advantage.  With Superman’s strength and powers, Batman’s expertise in tactics and strategy, and Wonder Woman’s unwavering will and wisdom, the DC Trinity are a perfectly formed team of justice and might.

Did You Know?

  • The first time Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman appeared together was in All-Star Comics #36 (August 1947).
  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice marks the first time the Trinity — Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman — will appear together in official live-action media.
  • Batman / Superman / Wonder Woman: Trinity was a 2003 three-issue limited series written and drawn by Matt Wagner which establishes the meeting of the three legendary superheroes.
  • Trinity was a 52-issue limited series that ran from May 2008 to June 2009 where Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman were the focus of the story.

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