Great Batman Deals On Biggest Xbox Live Sale Ever


Get great deals on Batman games and movies in the biggest Xbox Live Sale ever!

Still got a little Christmas cash to spend? Need some new digital goodies for your Xbox One? The biggest sale in Xbox history (until next year anyways, I’m sure) starts now with deals on tons of hit games and movies!

The sale is both on Xbox 360 & Xbox One, and runs in two phases. The first set of deals, which is live right now as I’m writing this, runs from December 22-28, with a whole new batch of deals coming in December 29th through January 7th. That’s along with specific daily deals on other games that will be different every day up to December 31st. You may want to hop on any daily deals you really want, but with how the sale runs you can wait and see if Santa left any of these great Xbox games under your tree. And this Xbox sale includes some great deals on Batman games and movies.

First up, for both Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners, Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy is on sale. That’s all 3 awesome Christopher Nolan Batman films, and just for $23.99 in HD and $19,99 in SD. Odds are you own it already, but if you were looking for a good time to get a digital copy, this is it.

Now unfortunately there does not seem to be any sales right now on any Batman games for the Xbox 360, but there’s daily deals and a whole new sale starting next week, so that may change. But there are some great deals for Xbox One owners.

First, Lego Batman 3, both the standard and deluxe edition are on sale for 60% off (67 if you are a Gold member, which obviously you should be). That’s like It’s a great fun family Batman game with a surprising amount of deep cuts and fan service.

And then there’s Rocksteady exciting final entry in the Arkham series, Arkham Knight, The standard game, deluxe edition and season pass are all on sale at a great discount, from 35-40% off. I honestly still don’t know if the season pass is worth picking up even at that price honestly but the main Arkham Knight game is well worth your money.

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As I said the biggest Xbox Live sale ever is on right now with the current deals running through December 28th, and a whole new batch of deals starting December 29th. We will certainly post any new Batman-related deals so stay tuned and in the meantime you can check out all the games, movies and TV shows in the sale right here.