Is [SPOILER] Of The X-Men Now An Inhuman?


The most cynical Marvel fans have suspected for some time that with the X-Men movie rights continuing to reside at Fox, Marvel has decided to downplay its mutant heroes in favor of the Inhumans. That hasn’t turned out to be 100 percent correct; the Inhumans have enjoyed a much higher profile over the last few years than they ever have before, but the X-Men continue to a major presence in Marvel’s comic book line.

Both groups have intersected in multiple ways, with the current Uncanny Avengers series teaming human, mutant and Inhuman heroes, as well as the overall storyline of the Terrigen Mists harming mutants and making them sterile. Now with this week’s release of Extraordinary X-Men #4, it seems we might see mutant and Inhuman together in the same character.

Confused? Before we explain, we have to give you the obligatory spoiler warning again. You can read on, but you’ve been warned.

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All good. The current Extraordinary X-Men sees that evil genetic tinkerer Mister Sinister up to his old tricks. This time he’s actually attempting something that might be helpful, which is to figure out a way to save mutants from the negative effects of the Terrigen Mists. That means combining mutant and Inhuman DNA, which unfortunately leads to the death of all of his test subjects.

On the final page, he explains that there’s been one exception, and if you know Sinister’s history with the Summers family, you won’t be surprised at who it is …

It sure looks like Scott Summers alright, albeit with a nifty new left arm and torso. As Comic Book Resources reminds us, Cyclops was presumed dead, so either Sinister brought him back to life or Sinister cloned him, something he’s proven capable of in the past.

Either way, the thought of mutant-Inhuman hybrids is an interesting one that could blossom into something that grows beyond just this one series. And if Steve Rogers feels like making Scott an Avenger, he could be a one-man Unity Squad all by himself.