New Images of Batman v Superman MAFEX Figures!


New Images of Batman v Superman MAFEX Figures!

The MAFEX line of figures comes from Japanese toy makers MEDICOM and they’re of a surprisingly high quality.

Often times non-collector movie tie-in action figures are cheap and geared toward children only. The MAFEX line is obviously designed to be enjoyed by every demographic.

From collectors to laymen to kids who just want figs for the holidays, this new line from Batman v Superman is top notch.

Though we’ve seen glimpses of these figs before, here are some better looks at the detail and the reveal of the Armored Batman and highly accurate Wonder Woman toy.

Each of them stand at 6.3 inches tall with 20 – yes 20 – points of articulation. Take that G.I. Joe! The figures are priced at $48 a piece, (or 5,500 Yen).

Not that I’m making fun of the language, but the way the figures are categorized on the source website is pretty amusing due to the poor translation by Google.

"Category: ACTION FIGURE be moving even , the US Department of Heroes AMERICAN HERO"

Yeah, seems like something’s missing there.

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These awesome pieces come in 2 waves next year. Batman and Superman will be available in July of 2016 and the Wonder Woman and Armored Batman will hit shelves in September, a month after the premiere of Suicide Squad. That means the new Batman will have been in 2 DC films before we can buy 1 of the Armored Batman figs. That’s a pretty big gamble after the abject failure of Man of Steel – also directed by Zack Snyder.

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The powers that be better be sure this movie is going to be well received or a lot of these toys are going to be still sitting in boxes in a warehouse somewhere or in giant discount bins come next Christmas. If it’s the latter, DC’s big plans to compete with Marvel may be up in smoke.