Robin Spoiler From Batman v Superman??


Robin Spoiler From Batman v Superman??

OK, I would suggest taking this with a grain of salt. That having been said, there are rumors out now about the role Robin plays in Batman v Superman.

The scuttlebutt on the Boy Wonder in the film has been scattered and varied to this point. There was the rumor that Adam Driver – now of Star Wars fame – would play Dick Grayson in the form of Nightwing. Then we heard Jena Malone would play Carrie Kelly because she was spotted on set sporting red hair (and most of the Batman elements have been inspired by Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns.

Then there was the rumor that one of the Robins became the new Joker. That got even more interesting when the dead Robin costume was scene in the full length trailer. Now Latino Review claims to know which rumors are true.

Before I tell you, I want to state that I don’t necessarily believe this is true based on evidence I’ve seen with my own eyes. More on that after the report.

"Still, the question remained which Robin had donned the suit from the trailer, and whether or not the graffiti was an indication that they had been killed by the Joker. There was also some question as to whether or not any incarnation of Robin would appear in the film. The general assumption by fans of the comic book would be that Jason Todd was deceased, and that he would not be the first Robin with whom Batman had been associated.Apparently, this is completely accurate. Todd is the second Robin who has had the fortune (or in this case, misfortune) of working with Batman. An encounter with the Clown Prince of Crime appears to have left him dead, which likely accounts for a great deal of Bruce Wayne’s internal character struggle in Batman v Superman.There was also buzz a while back that Dick Grayson would make an appearance. Not as Robin, but as Nightwing. While this certainly would have pleased many fans of the comics, there appears to be no planned appearance of Nightwing in the film. Reportedly, however, Grayson’s name will come up in conversation at some point. This is likely to be more of an Easter egg than a plot point, but it confirms the existence of Grayson in the DCEU."

OK, so, I could see this being true. Confirming the most likely scenario based on the events of the source material. However, Caped Crusades ran a story over a year ago containing spy photos of a gravestone on the grounds of Wayne Manor.

It bore the name Grayson, not Todd.

WB Studios actually made us take down the article because it was apparently a legitimate spoiler. In this version of the Batman universe it seems that Jason Todd didn’t exist.

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Now, that could have changed during the course of filming or it could have been a fake, but that’s unlikely because it came in a batch of photos that were confirmed as authentic.

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So what do we think? There’s a chance that it isn’t more complicated than Jason Todd dying at the hands of the Joker. But based on what we’ve reported on in the past, it’s just as likely that Dick Grayson was the Robin killed and that he’s been the only Robin.