Deadpool #4 Review: The Imposter, Revealed


You’d think that improbably becoming one of the world’s most popular superheroes would be all fun and games compared to what Deadpool usually goes through, but it certainly hasn’t worked out that way for the Merc With a Mouth so far. Not only is he burning through his fortune incredibly fast funding the Avengers, he’s also got a murderous impersonator running around.

In Deadpool #4, Gerry Duggan has Wade solve the mistaken identity problem the silliest but most logical way possible: by having his team of mercenaries dress in different colored versions of his costume. It’s as funny as it sounds, with several members of the team unhappy with their colors and noting that Deadpool previously noted that they had to all dress exactly like him.

We also get to the nitty gritty of the big question that has been hanging over this opening arc, and without giving anything away, Deadpool discovers it was an inside job. Kudos to the storytellers for explaining how it all came to be, and to tying in the Avengers team that Deadpool calls his own. If you’ve ever wanted to see Wade argue with Steve Rogers about who should drive, this is your book.

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(Also, Steve’s reasoning, “I’ve been driving in this city since FDR was president, is amazing.”)

Hawthorne draws an appropriately old-looking and grizzled Rogers, and while I’m imagining this issue was probably the most fun for the colorist so far thanks to the rainbow Deadpools, the penciller gets to do some action, some sight gags, and his take on the reality-bending effects of Madcap’s powers. All in all, just another day at the Deadpool office, right?

What’s really been great about this book so far is the way that it is juggling both serious and humorous subplots at the same time, which is essential to making this particular character work. Too funny and Deadpool risks lapsing into self-parody, while too straight an approach robs him of his unique qualities. Duggan and Hawthorne have managed to get the balance just right, giving this arc some weight while also making it a fun romp at the same time.

The showdown that’s set up for next issue looks like it could be a doozy, and if you’ve been happy with this series so far, I imagine you won’t want to miss it.


Three Things to Ponder

  1. Did Deadpool really need to have a designer or tailor come in to help his mercs with their new suits? I mean, they’re just his costume in different colors …
  2. The idea of someone who would stalk and be obsessed with Deadpool is more than a little disturbing, isn’t it?
  3. No worries, Steve. Does anyone really know a good way to take down Madcap?

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Favorite Moment

As random exclamations go, “Odin’s prostate!” has to be right up there near the top.