Will Batman v Superman Have A Post-Credits Tease?


Will Batman v Superman follow the Marvel movie mold in having a post-credits scene to watch after the credits have rolled?

Post credit scenes are hardly a new thing. They’ve been around in some form since The Muppet Movie back in 1979. But obviously few have been used with such purpose and popularity as the ones you see in every single Marvel film. These aren’t just jokes or throwaway scenes that don’t really mean anything. They always expand the universe of the films and often set up some future movie.

With this in mind, as much as DC is stressing how different their films are from Marvel’s, one has to wonder if Batman v Superman will have a post-credits scene of some sort? It would make sense. Something to tease the Justice League at least?

Heroic Hollywood claims they know what post-credits plans are in store for Batman v Superman. Apparently, while it won’t really feature a scene that really sets up an upcoming movie per say, it will feature a montage, not unlike what Zack Snyder had in the opening credits for The Watchmen movie.

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What is in this montage, you ask? Well Heroic Hollywood claims they know, but that it’s way too spoilery, even for them. Assuming they do know, it must be some pretty noteworthy stuff, because spoiling stuff is pretty much all they do. Could it be a montage of the Justice League (at least it’s members up to that point) becoming a real team? Is it a setup for Suicide Squad? Is it Batman and Superman just dancing for five minutes? Whatever the case, odds are you’ll want to wait and see what is after the credits of Batman v Superman.