Civil War: Batman v Superman Style Trailer


Civil War: Batman v Superman Style Trailer

Without much debate, Batman v Superman and Captain America: Civil War are easily shaping up to be the 2 biggest movie events of 2016.

Considering the fact that both films feature a clash between 2 (or more) heroes, the comparisons are inevitable. So, it was also likely that there would be some sort of mashup featuring the 2 movies in one way or another.

Well, your prayers have been answered.

Some intrepid YouTubers have edited together a Civil War trailer that’s done in the style of the now infamous Batman v Superman video that accompanied Star Wars this last weekend.


"Trailer based on the Batman v Superman Comic-Con trailerOriginal trailer:"

Could you ask for anything more? It was legitimately done pretty well, you have to admit. It uses clips from previous films such as Iron Man 2 and 3, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and others. Sadly, it could have been better if they had used more footage from the newer Civil War trailer that was also shown before Star Wars.

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The masterminds behind it calls themselves The Daily Asgardian News and have been plugging along sing 2013. You can find their Facebook page here, but they really function mainly on YouTube.

Still, this is bound to be merely one of many crossover or mashup videos, though it isn’t the first.

"Published on Aug 3, 2015I actually think this came out pretty well lolAgain I own non of this all rights go to Marvel/disney/WB/Legendary/DC"

I expect this year to be big as this is the first real head-to-head between DC and Marvel now that they BOTH have shared universes. It could make or break DC’s attempt to catch up with Marvel and could have lasting impact on the future of the superhero movie trend in Hollywood. I just hope they don’t burn audiences out before we get the films we really want to see.