Kevin Smith Is Excited About New Suicide Squad Trailer


Kevin Smith has seen the new Suicide Squad Trailer, and he’s really excited!

On January 19th on The CW, DC will be presenting DC Films Presents: Dawn Of The Justice League. Which will be hosted by none other than comic book superfan Kevin Smith. The special will premiere after the mid-season return of The Flash and give looks at Batman v Superman, Wonder Woman and a new trailer for The Suicide Squad.

Not surprisingly, Kevin Smith has already seen the new Suicide Squad trailer and he’s very pumped about about it:

"I saw the Suicide Squad trailer and it was f-ing impressive… It is f-ing wonderful. It’s got a tone but I would say the second trailer has got a lot of humor and it’s not humor of the simple variety. They’ll play out a joke with dialogue, not just a quip. Some of the shots are goddamn gorgeous. I like this guy, (David Ayer) he’s a great director. Based on those two trailers, give him whatever he wants, let him make more DC movies. He’s got an eye man. Can’t spoil it, but it’s coming soon and that’s the good news."

Sounds like a pretty awesome trailer, I’m counting down the days (only 18) til the special airs.

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That being said, take this statement with a slight grain of salt, because Kevin Smith is the superfan of all superfans. He loves everything. He was just recently defending the fact that he gave a positive review to the Star Wars prequels. And hey, I like Kevin Smith. I like most of his movies, I love his podcast, and it’s nice to have a mostly positive voice to listen to about geek culture in a world filled with cynical and negative ones. But he also spent several podcast episodes interviewing Josh Trank and convincing listeners that Fantastic Four would be the most awesome comic book movie to date. So just don’t take everything Smith says as bible. That being said, I expect to see a pretty awesome trailer for Suicide Squad in just under 3 weeks.

h/t Cinemablend