WB Unveils Official Batman v Superman Merch!


WB Unveils Official Batman v Superman Merch!

WB and DC Films have started the New Year off with a flurry of new swag for the upcoming Batman v Superman blockbuster, some of which may reveal a new angle on Wonder Woman’s role.

The amount of merchandise available to order right now is insane. From hats to shirts to figs, this has to be one of WB’s most ambitious marketing ventures in years. If this film lives up to the early positive words we’ve been hearing leak out then you can expect to see swag like this all over town this summer.

Interestingly, one Wonder Woman item sheds a little bit of light on her dynamic in the film that only bills Batman and Superman.

"In the battle between Superman and Batman, Wonder Woman is the wild card. Though her power set is much closer to that of the Man of Steel, her attitude (and likely her loyalties) mesh much better with the Dark Knight."

Check out some of the stuff on sale currently:

Those are just minor examples of stuff being peddled on the WB Shop, Entertainment Earth and Merchoid. There’s a metric pantload of swag up with the movie a little under 3 months away.

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Personally, I’m glad to see that the WB has chosen to embrace Wonder Woman in this film. She and other female superheroes have often taken a backseat to the male DC characters. Now is the time to finally embrace a strong female, especially in a lead role. Wonder Woman has been an extremely popular heroine for decades, why not celebrate her badass-ness along side her male counterparts?

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This movie is a big gamble for the recently named DC Films. If they want to continue making superhero films relevant and shake the ‘Marvel is the only studio that can make decent movies’ stigma that’s prevailed since Iron Man came out (excluding the Christopher Nolan Batman films), this has to work. If it fails, you’re going to see a whole lot of this merch in discount bins for a long time to come.