Deadpool Could Be Pretty Short For A Superhero Movie


By now, superhero and comic book fans are used to movies that are sprawling epics. Most Marvel films fall into the two hour-plus range, with a few pushing 150 minutes. Warner Bros.’ Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, will actually squeak past the 2 1/2 hour mark when it hits theaters in March.

But since the R-rated Deadpool is already set to be a very different kind of superhero movie, maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that it will buck convention in another way as well. Using evidence from 20th Century Fox’s Spanish language site, Comic Book Resources reports that the film is apparently 106 minutes long, making it one of the shorter superhero flicks in recent memory.

That’s a little surprising only because it’s an origin story and while lots of people have heard of Deadpool, it’s reasonable to assume that many members of the general public aren’t that familiar with the Merc With a Mouth. On the other hand, there’s no doubt that a more irreverent movie lends itself to a faster pace and shorter runtime, so hopefully we’ll get few if any sections that drag.

Assuming this information is correct, the best thing Fox could do is to get Ryan Reynolds to do some quick voice-over work and make it a focal point of some of the movie’s TV marketing. Given the nature of some of the innuendo Deadpool has already thrown around in trailers, it shouldn’t be to difficult to work up some short vs. long, “size doesn’t matter” quips to promote the film and maybe jab some of its competitors at the same time.

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Regardless of how much of our time he ends up demanding, this much we know for sure: Deadpool is coming to movie theaters everywhere on February 12.