Batman v Superman v Daredevil


Batman v Superman v Daredevil

Marvel and Netflix are taking what looks like a big gamble this March with Daredevil Season 2. It’s sneaky, it’s a bit dirty, but it just may work.

Back when both DC Film’s Batman v Superman and Marvel Studios’ Captain America: Civil War first announced their release dates it was a classic game of chicken. They we both slated in the same window this summer and everyone seemed to know one of them would blink.

Marvel had a lot of swagger after the unexpected hit of Guardians of the Galaxy – like they do no wrong – and WB execs said all the things you’d think you had to if you needed to show confidence in your film universe direction. Well, WB blinked first and moved BvS up to March 25th. It’s a story we at Caped Crusades broke first and we wondered if it would come back to bite the studio later.

It’s been announced that Netflix will debut Daredevil Season 2 on March 25th of this year – the same day as Batman v Superman hits theaters.

CHARLIE COX as MATT MURDOCK in the Netflix Original Series “Marvel’s Daredevil”

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It actually may be a brilliant move on Marvel’s part. Not only does it prove the studio’s ongoing confidence in the success of its properties, but it has almost no chance of failing. While it’s possible that it could cannibalize some box office numbers for Batman v Superman, the fact that it will be for home viewing AND released all at once it’ll be available for binge watching at any point after the 25th. That includes later, when movie goers get home from the theater.

Forbes weighed in on Marvel’s ballsy move today as well.

"While I’m not much of a proponent of the notion that outside entertainment events will affect the opening weekend of a movie that people otherwise would flock to (as I like to joke, Speed Racer was not doomed by the release of Mario Kart Wii), this is a case where every little bit helps, or hurts. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice absolutely needs to be a big hit in order for the DC Comics Expanded Universe to thrive over the next few years. Fair or not, Warner Bros.’ entire 2016 slate will be judged on how well it does. So even if the debut of Daredevil, which will feature The Punisher and Elektra as buzzy new characters, dings the Ben Affleck/Henry Cavill opening weekend just a little bit, at least theoretically, it will put Warner on the defensive while giving Marvel and Netflix a buzzy PR coup at no real cost."

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In either event, it’s an interesting test of how fans consume media in the modern age.

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If Daredevil carves out a chunk of BvS‘s box office, then it may be a stronger statement of binge watching habits and home theater quality than it is of the movie itself. Since the future of the DC Films shared universe pivots on the success of this particular movie, this decision could have lasting effects on the future of Hollywood’s superhero obsession.