Steel Age Batman Has A Heart Of Iron


Steel Age Batman Is The Robotic Hero We Need In The Darkest Of Time

What if the villains won? Not just won, but triumphed ultimately and there were no more heroes to stop them? It’s the kind of thing that would probably be pretty hard to write into a coherent story line, but a perfect basis for a line of action figures based on this darkest of timelines.

And that is the basis behind 3A’s Steel Age line of DC heroes designed by Ashley Wood. The villains have indeed won, but there is some sort of backup plan, known as the Steel Age, with robotic versions of your favorite DC super heroes stepping in to stop crime. The first of these figures being released is Batman, and while we don’t know much about the story of Steel Age, it seems that Lex Luthor is the one who came up with this plan based on the quote in the featured picture. Steel Age Batman is up for pre-order now at $240 and will ship sometime in the 3rd quarter of this year.

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What do you get for $240? Well the impressively designed Steel Age figure itself, which has 50 points of articulation, is 13.5 inches tall,  and has LED eyes (though no batteries included) along with 2 batarangs. Again Batman is just the first in a line of DC heroes based on this “Steel Age” storyline, so expect news on other heroes in the future.

This ounds like an interesting story line, but I have to wonder in a world where all these robot heroes are controlled (at least apparently) by Lex Luthor, how long until he uses them for more than just fighting crime and restoring order?

h/t Robot 6