Invincible Iron Man #6 First Look: The War Machines


Tony Stark has been having a busy time in Invincible Iron Man, to say the least. Not only is he trying to figure out how and why Madame Masque got so powerful, he’s had to puzzle over a strangely helpful Doctor Doom and try to balance a reinvigorated love life at the same time.

He can do all of that, of course, because he’s Tony Stark. But sometimes even Iron Man needs a little help from a friend, and luckily he’s got one who happens to have his own suit of armor.

Invincible Iron Man #6 begins a brand new arc called “The War Machines,” so if you haven’t figured out yet who I’m talking about, that title should give it away. Brian Michael Bendis is joined by artist Mike Deodato for a story that not only sounds interesting in its own right, but also promises to offer some hints about Marvel’s big event of 2016.

Here’s the teaser copy from Marvel:

"All is not right within the house of Stark as he uncovers threats from within and threats from without. Now, he must delve into the nooks and crannies of his international organization to discover the truth. And he’s bringing a friend: James “Rhodey” Rhodes – the War Machine! Plus, the first big clues to 2016’s CIVIL WAR II begin here! Don’t miss the kickoff to the exciting new storyline and a perfect jumping on point this February in INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #6!"

And we wouldn’t leave you hanging without a little preview, so here’s a first look at some of Deodato’s interior work from the issue.

Come on Rhodey, scaring that cleaning lady half to death? Though David Marquez has been knocking it out of the park on the first arc, I’m also a big fan of Deodato, and his grittier style seems appropriate for a story that involves War Machine.

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We’ll see if that’s the case when Invincible Iron Man #6 kicks off “The War Machines” on February 3. Be there or be armor-less!