Zack Snyder Talks Batman, Justice League Villain


Zack Snyder Talks Batman, Justice League Villain

Say what you will about Zack Snyder’s body of work (and it’s varied quality), DC Films have hitched their wagon to him like Marvel did with Joss Whedon early on.

Now that Snyder has given us Man of Steel and the upcoming Batman v Superman, he’s moving on to the epic DC cornerstone Justice League: Part One. Man of Steel wasn’t well received, so how does he feel about his second foray into the shared universe?

He recently spoke to about that.

"I think the fun of the movie is that in the end it’s a drama. They have to figure out each other to fight each other. So it’s about what makes them tick and how that’s going to work out in a conflict."

Sadly, he has to defend the film’s dramatic narrative, even though the Dark Knight films are only 10 years old. So how does Snyder feel about the new man under the cape and cowl?

"[Affleck] is an amazing Batman….He’s a great Batman."

To be honest, he was going to say that no matter what. He kinda has to.

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Now, what about the plans for Justice League? There are a lot of possibilities there.

"We’re working on Justice League right now, right? In a weird way, Justice League is the next step for these characters to form a bigger team. Maybe there’s a bigger enemy to fight."

Coy and vague. Classic. It could mean a lot of things, but it’s more likely certain options than others. It’s doubtful we’ll see old school JL villains like Despero in such a big event, but I would lean toward 3 different options.

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I think (if I were writing it) you could make Starro a cool villain. You could channel Invasion of the Body Snatchers and have an alien force pit the heroes against each other. Similarly, you could continue the Amanda Waller/Cadmus/Checkmate stuff they seem to be setting up and do the O.M.A.C. Project. There are those who think the Doomsday creature in Batman v Superman could be more of an O.M.A.C. than the real Doomsday anyway.

The most likely scenario, though, is going the Marvel route and having the team fight the classic Jack Kirby big bad Darksied. He’s arguably the League’s biggest foe and could make an epic film.