Devin Faraci Says That Batman v Superman Review Is All Lies


Birth.Movies.Death. EIC Devin Faraci calls out the anonymous Reddit user that posted that spoilery Batman v Superman review.

Remember that anonymous Reddit user that posted an extremely spoiler-free review of Batman v Superman recently?. It seemed full of fantastical claims. The Green Lantern is secretly in it, Aquaman rides a tidal wave, the Justice League comes together at the end of the film. Well, one internet scoop master has written an editorial claiming this Reddit user couldn’t have possibly seen Batman v Superman and the review is all lies.

You can read the full rant from Devin Faraci here. He basically claims that the review is a mix of things he could have read on either Faraci’s own website or sites like Heroic Hollywood (so are all those scoops lies? Wouldn’t surprise me), and just stuff he clearly made up, as Faraci claims he’s pretty familiar with the script for Batman v Superman, and there is no Green Lantern, no Aquaman riding a tidal wave and definitely no Justice League forming in the third act.

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The more interesting part is that Faraci claims there does exist a review of Batman v Superman somewhere on Reddit that actually might be legit, but he won’t link to it because those are apparently real spoilers.

Now, Faraci isn’t the most credible guy in the universe (kind of goes with the territory when your bread and butter is hot rumors that may or may not be true), but given how much of an idiot he would look like after going on a rant like this if Batman v Superman comes out and all the things said in that review are real, I tend to believe him. We’ll have to wait until March 25th to know for sure, but odds are he’s right and very little if anything said in that review is true.