Red Hood Fan Series Takes To Kickstarter


The creators of Red Hood: Retcon have taken to Kickstarter to make their series come to fruition

Red Hood: Retcon doesn’t exist as a series at the moment. There has been some test footage, and a trailer or two, but nothing in terms of a fan film or an actual series. Now the creators are looking to make an actual series of Red Hood: Retcon, and they are looking to the internet for help making it a reality.

Here is the basic pitch for Red Hood: Retcon from the series creators:

"Red Hood Retcon is a Non-Profit mini series about Jason Todd. Red Hood abandons the Outlaws and disappears. A year and a half later Batman vanishes from Gotham city without a trace. Six months after Batman’s disappearance Jason returns to Gotham City to investigate. Jason discovers big time assassins are being called in by a mysterious employer. Jason starts pursuing possible angles about Batman which leads him to Deadshot, one of the assassins that has been spotted in the city. Jason uncovers a difficult truth about a close friend and starts investigating these claims. Roy Harper  (formerly of the Outlaws) joins once again with Red Hood and together they fight there way to the truth."

You can check out and possibly donate to the Kickstarter for Red Hood: Retcon here. The trailer looks pretty impressive, and they have several weeks to go, but don’t seem off to a strong start so if you want to see this series made a reality, throw in a few bucks and spread the word.

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Of course, the real problem with a project like this, especially one seeking crowdfunding, is that these guys don’t own the rights to this property. While they claim they are safe since it’s basically a “non-profit”fan film, Warner Bros. could step in and shut it down at literally any moment. Hell the series could get completed and Warner Bros. just randomly decides they don’t want it on the web, and it’s gone because they hold all the cards. I hope that doesn’t happen, but it’s very much within the realm of possibility, especially if this series grows in popularity. We’ll keep you updated if Red Hood: Retcon reaches it’s goals and doesn’t manage to get a cease and desist in the process.

h/t Robot6